Professional Athletes MVP Program

The personal and financial lives of professional athletes are more complex than most. Recognizing that greater wealth typically means greater need for specialized services, our team offers an exclusive Professional Athletes MVP Program for our athletes.

OPES and IPC has long provided our clients with a sophisticated system of investment management founded on portfolio customization and personal attention. But there are times when you require more specialized advice and services – someone to manage U.S. pension assets, perhaps, or to develop a care management plan for an ailing relative. Expanding on our own wealth planning expertise, we have established a network of specialized resource suppliers for you to tap into, as your life requires.

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With the exclusive Professional Athletes MVP Program you benefit from the knowledge and comfort that no matter what your particular needs or situation, we can direct you to an appropriate resource. Our goal is to make life a little easier, more enjoyable and informative – so you have the freedom and confidence to pursue your personal passions and goals. It’s all part of the exceptional standard of service we provide to our athletes.

To learn more about how our Professional Athletes MVP Program can enhance your life and bring you peace of mind, please contact our office for an appointment.